Ollin Speaking and Training is designed to provide meaningful customized presentations and uniquely tailor training and support to assist teams and organizations to take action and move to their top-of- game performance.

Julie Jones is a Nurse, Leader, and Self-described Possibilitarian. For the past 20 years, Julie’s work in the healthcare executive leadership arena has focused upon imparting practical leadership and life-skills designed to enhance Performance Excellence, engage Staff and Customers, and build and strengthen Teamwork and Leadership. Her keynote, customized training, and leadership coaching are packed with practical applications backed with moving stories taken from real life experiences.  As a leader focused upon Quality Performance, she has assisted businesses, not-for-profits organizations, universities, and individuals on their journey to being their best!

Julie’s expertise in organizational and personal excellence is augmented by her experience with the Baldrige Business Model. Julie is a Certified Master Baldrige Evaluator with over 10 years experience of helping others utilize the model to drive organization excellence.

Much like Julie’s own contagious spirit, her high energy speaking and training expresses her strong belief in the power of teamwork. Her passion for helping others identify and utilize their unique talents and treasures to their highest capabilities and beyond is both inspiring and transformational. Audiences find her sense of vitality and connectedness refreshing and full of kindred support.